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Meet Dr. Cortman

Dr. Chris CortmanDr Christopher Cortman has created a safe haven for emotional healing in Sarasota County, facilitating more than 60,000 hours of psychotherapy in his private practice.  
He specializes in treating emotional trauma (abuse survivors, accident victims, combat veterans), relationship issues (couples therapy, custody evaluations, family therapy), depression, anxiety disorders.

Awarded a Doctorate Of Psychology in San Diego, CA in 1983, Dr Cortman has been a Florida licensed Psychologist since 1985.  He has reveled in his ability to connect with people leading to a successful and thriving career.

Dr. Cortman testifies in court as an expert witness for the State of Florida, consults at four local hospitals, was Director of Allied Health Practitioners at Sarasota Palms (now Sarasota Memorial Hospital's Bayside), was former President of the Lower Westcoast Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association, and has appeared nationwide on talk radio, including Disney Radio.

Dr. Cortman continues to maintain a successful private practice while pursuing projects that enable him to meet a larger need for psychological expertise in our communities. These projects include frequent public speaking, regular contributions to local newspapers, work on a second publication, prevention curriculum for local schools based on "Your Mind: An Owner's Manual For A Better Life", and empowering people to attain their most prized goal...happiness.

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