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You hit a home run with our audience!

You hit a home run with our audience!...They were charmed and engaged, but most of all, they seemed to come away with some new information. You have a gift for speaking - it was amazing how you kept everyone laughing yet they were able to get so much information.

The Secrets of Happiness
What the Research Reveals
Posted Date : 02-13-2015

We want you to know we would love to have you back again

Based on the overwhelming popularity of your presentation last year, I've been asked by our membership to extend an invitation to you to return...This request is without precedent on our part...we want you to know we would love to have you back again.

Posted Date : 02-13-2015

Simplicity and clarity of style/humor

Thanks so much for donating your time yesterday to deliver such a dynamic presentation...I thought you might enjoy a summary of you stellar reviews...simplicity and clarity of style/humor...concise, each point explained completely and said in progression so we can use these steps in logical order...

Emotional Rescue
Heal and Live
Posted Date : 02-13-2015

...they ask for you!

Would you be interested in presenting/panelling...I hate asking you again, and yet the exit questionnaires mostly ask for you!

Mental Health Community Centers
http://www.mhcci.com/ Posted Date : 02-13-2015

... they wanted to spend more time learning from you

Chris, thank you so much for your sharing yesterday. I read through the evaluations and literally, the only negative, was that they wanted to spend more time learning from you. Your interweaving of the information, your stories, and your humor was resoundingly applauded. Take good care.

Posted Date : 02-13-2015

...what an inspiring guy!

Dr. Chris Cortman is a humorous, thoughtful, gifted, enjoyable speaker...what an inspiring guy!...everyone thought you were wonderful. You are such a gifted person...it was a lucky day for me the day I met Dr. Cortman.

Posted Date : 02-13-2015

Thank you for presenting

On behalf of the Caregiver Forum Committee I would like to thank you for presenting @ our 10th annual program.

As always you captivate your audience! With appreciation,

Senior Friendship Center
www.friendshipcenters.org Posted Date : 02-13-2015

Your gift of 'straight talk' as well as humor

Dear Chris, It's redundant - I know - but I want to thank you for the blessing you've been in the life of Trinity church - and in my own life as well. Your gift of 'straight talk' as well as humor is able to 'get thru' to people some of the real issues they face. I know that happened on Sunday. Wow. Thanks again for your Labor of Love. It really made a difference. Blessings.

Trinity Church
Posted Date : 02-13-2015

We had overwhelmingly positive responses

Again would like to express our sincere appreciation for your participation in HealthSouth's Third Annual Stroke Conference. We had overwhelmingly positive responses for the 150 participants regarding your presentation...thought it would be nice to share some:

  • Dr Cortman was an incredible hour; I could have listened to him all day
  • Dr Cortman-Funny, great useful information
  • Bring Dr Cortman back!
  • More time with Dr Cortman!
  • Most valuable-Dr Cortman
  • Dr Cortman-AMAZING-Thanks for your book!
HealthSouth Hospitals
http://www.healthsouthsarasota.com/ Posted Date : 02-13-2015

Wonderful presentation on forgiveness

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation on forgiveness. Our congregation loved it and were greatly moved by what you shared with us. We were blessed by your gift.

Reverend James Puryear
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Venice
http://stmarksvenice.com/ Posted Date : 01-29-2015

The Social Black Belt Program Success

Dear Dr. Cortman,

As you know, the fourth graders at Laurel Nokomis School are in their second year of The Social Black Belt Program. I couldn't be happier with the results I am seeing with these kids. They are engaged with the lessons in class and have transferred this knowledge outside the class. I am in awe of how much they have learned regarding their emotions and social interactions. For eKample, a parent of one of my student's told me that her older daughter was being picked on in middle school. Her son, who is in my class, told his sister that she has to use "I" statements next time she gets picked on. He went on to explain what he learned in The Social Black Belt class. She tried these later that week and it worked! Their mother couldn't thank me enough for teaching her son the tools he needs to get by in life. I have also seen positive changes in my students' behavior in the classroom. For example, a girl who would constantly get in trouble in class used to always blame others for her actions. She used to get angry at the other kids if she would have to miss out on a fun activity due to her acting out. After taking The Social Black Belt class, she now realizes that she has a choice in how she reacts to others. She has gained more self-control and doesn't "feed off" the other students' behavior. She is acting more responsible and has more self-confidence than ever before! The list goes on and on.

As an 18-year veteran teacher, I wish I were given these tools to teach my former students who struggled with handling their emotions. Actually, as a former student with severe ADD, I wish I would have been taught these skills myself! I am so thankful to you and your colleagues for developing such a wonderful program. I see the benefits impacting so many. My hope is that The Social Black Belt will be a required class in all schools. Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do for our kids.

Sincerely, Dawn Blaszczyk

Dawn Blaszczyk
Laurel Nokomis School
Posted Date : 12-01-2014

Still buzzing about the seminars-what a gift

You absolutely have a second-career possibility in comedy.  Thank you for being so generous with your time and wisdom.  Folks at the chapel are still buzzing about the seminars-what a gift. Thank you!

Pastor Kathi
Siesta Key Chapel
http://siestakeychapel.org/index.html Posted Date : 01-29-2015

Very entertaining and educational, easy to hold our attention,

Very entertaining and educational, easy to hold our attention, Great time with Dr. Cortman who has a wonderful sense of humor, Wanted to hear more from Dr. Cortman, Dr. Cortman was awesome, would love to hear from him again for a longer period, Would love to hear Dr. Cortman at another event.  As you can interpret from the comments, you were a big hit Dr. Cortman and we really appreciated having you with us.  We hope you will consider speaking for our association again in the future.

Dulci Pevy Morrell, RDH
Manatee-Sarasota Dental Hygenists' Association
http://www.msdha.org/ Posted Date : 01-29-2015


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